martes, 26 de junio de 2012


(...) “David Campodarve is a composer who has surprised us in a very good way with this film “ Dreams come true “ ,where he gets majesty levels, full of elegance, intensity and such an imaginative lyricism winning his own place into the soundtrack world.

The music piece has melodic cadences, sudden rests which state the sound and visual landscape, emerging in high crescendos connecting with emotions.

His work has beauty passages, rhythmically percussion and orchestral choral passages growing up to a heavenly state that involves us in comings and goings.... Playing emotively, whistles and color, showing off a great intelligence, and reinforcing the short film`s effect.

All together achieve to concrete an audiovisual work with a script full of poetry all gathered in an emotional creation, intensified by a beautiful text that introduces us into a sweet mimicry.
In such a way that cinematography, photography, music, poetry and rolling come together in a hybrid, resolving in a brightness composition which really reach the very best top.

David Campodarve has written a very nice soundtrack, which together with all of his work, makes us enjoy the multidisciplinary arts involved in this format.
I´m sure dreams will come true for all of us.

To finish, you can hear the musical work that this great composer reveals to us.
I hope you like discovering this new talented musician, a promising artist, still hidden behind national scenery.
From now on we must follow his trajectory attentively.”

“Global contemporary music”
December 2011

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